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Fees for consulting can be agreed over three models of payment:

Fixed Fee or Lump Sum

This method will provide a fixed fee for a set amount of work which will be based on your scope or requirements. Additional works can be given further lump sums as required. This method produces the least risk for you but can limit the contact or work production quickly if the scope changes.

Hourly or Daily Rates

This method uses a fixed rate for time spent on works – it is difficult to use this type of fee method for design works but is very useful for site based services such as clerk of works or setting out.


Agreed works can be carried out as and when required for a percentage of the final project value. This method is useful as it enables you to calculate the exact amount of fee you will be paying over a contract length and know that all required consulting works will be covered.

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The main two payment models which can be used for this type of work are:

Standard contract

We will give you a fixed cost for the work proposed priced usually to a specification and sometimes including a rates schedule. Additional works will be priced based on quotes with attendance percentage add-ons or based on the rates in the schedule. This method passes on most of the risk to us BUT extra works can add up if the specification changes.

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Cost Plus

This method uses the costs incurred by the contractor directly for labour, materials and sub-contractors and adds attendance percentage or fixed fee amount. This is often the cheapest way of running a contract but the final cost of the project at the start can only be estimated.

We can also offer Guaranteed Maximum Cost contract for Turnkey projects