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Project Management & Design

Gravica has a wealth of indutrial design experience. Whether your project is a totally new construction being built on a virgin greenfield site or a process being squeezed into an existing space we have the knowledge and capacity to be of assistance.
From assiatance with access stelework to full turnkey buildings Gravica can help as much or as little as you like.

Building Design

Building design can be complex - planning, services, difficult ground, limited space.
It can be difficult to get started though and there are lots of things to consider before you embark on such a huge task. Layout, building regulations, structural design, drainage, and the building work itself can all be designed and managed by Gravica to suit your needs.
Gravica has a lot of experience in this area and we can help as much or as little as you like to ensure you get your building at a cost and in a time thats fair and proportionate.

Building & Structure Alterations

As your business grows it often 'outgrows' its location. This is where alterations to existing building and plant are critically important to maintain your growth.
We have a detailed understanding of structural behaviour which can help us fully understand the existing building or structure and let us help you alter and add to it to fulfill your growth requirements.

Planning Applications

Planning can be a daunting task. Some types of work do not require planning approval since they fall under the 'permitted development' catagory.
If planning is required Gravica can prepare all the neccessary documentation and deal direct with the planning authority to help secure, that often essential, planning approval.

Civil and Structural Engineering Design

Gravica can provide design services for virtually all aspects of Civil and Structural Engineering design.
See our Design Services page for more information.

Reinforced Concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials available to Engineers. It can be and is used in almost every aspect of building and infrastructure.
Concrete does have its potential problems though, and if not designed and detailed properly, it can cause maintenance issues later. At Gravica we know concrete and we can detail it to avoid its problems and exploit its benefits to provide a superior finished product for you.

Access Steelwork

One of the most important part of any factory or process is the ability to provide safe access to the vital control areas. Access steelwork is of the best permanent solutions but can be very complicated when trying to squeeze it into existing buildings and around process equipment.
Gravica can provide full design services for access steelwork and liase with your process supplier to ensure a 'clash free' solution. We often draw complicated structures as full 3D models which can be used by you to help secure project funding.

Floors and Slabs

Gravica has provided design advice on a variety of concrete slabs and we have been asked to provide advice on concrete floor and slabs that have failed.
With our expert knowledge of concrete behaviour we can assist you in choosing the right product for your floor or slab and advise you on the correct protection and coatings availble to suit your final use requirements.

Highway Design and Vehicle Tracking

Highway design seems simple but can be very difficult. Ensuring that you comply with all the relevant highway standards and providing enough room for your vehicles to turn can be hazardous.
Gravica can use the latest software to track the vehicles around your site or roads to enable the confident design of the highway system.


Gravica can help in the investigation,planning and design of drainage systems.
Drainage is one the key areas of infrastructure that we, as a society, rely on. If working correctly we never think about it - if, on the other hand, there is a probelm, then drainage can be a real headache. We have expert knowledge of drainage and SUDs schemes and we can help solve current flooding problems associated with poor drainage design and provide designs using the latest methods and technology to help prevent problems assoicated with flooding and climate change.

Survey and Setting Out

Gravica can provide Topographic, Level, Elevation and building plan surveys to provide you with a knowledge of your site and for the potential use in a forthcoming project.
We can also assist with setting out works - this can be especially important when aligning works for the installation of a process machine - such as a printing press - which requires a very small tollerance.

Tender Documentation - Drawings Schedule and Specification

Getting competative and accurate tender prices for your project is crucial. We have a lot of experience in produceing tender documents which have proven to be accurate through the whole process of the project delivery.
Drawings, Schedule of Works and Specifications can be produced for all levels of procurment and for different types of project delivery - from turnkey to traditional to cost plus.