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Reinforced Concrete

Gravica has experience in the design of all aspects of reinforced concrete using the latest products and techniques and we have solid understanding of the behaviour of young and old concrete. We can advise on the repair of damaged concrete and best ‘mix’ to use for a specific sector or condition. We have knowledge of specialist concrete finishes including colour, texture and formwork.

RC Bending Schedules

An integral part of concrete – the reinforcement schedule need to be precise. We do not rely on auto design schedules as they do not consider the installation on site. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of reinforcement on site and we use this site based experience to detail accurate, efficient and simplistic schedules. We use a mixture of traditional, standard and our own visual representation to ensure full understanding on site. We can offer this service on a next day and even same day service depending on size.

Foundations Specialists

Often the most overlooked aspect if the whole design, foundations can be a major headache at the start of a contract. Gravica has extensive knowledge of ground conditions and foundations at its disposal to offer you the most cost effective and quickest solution on site. From simple trench fill foundations near trees to rafts and piled solutions – you will always have a choice in your foundations which can be tailored to your individual project requirements. We can also offer services on ground improvement techniques and non-intrusive foundations for underpinning.

Structural Steelwork

We offer a fast steelwork design service – using our extensive site and design office experience we use the latest software and methods to ensure a fully compliant structural solution.

Timber and Framing

Timber is fast becoming a major structural material – replacing some steelwork and masonry in areas never before considered. With its essential environmentally friendly nature and ease of use on site timber should always be considered as a major material in the right conditions. Gravica can offer a full design service for any aspect of timber design.


Masonry has been used a building material for century’s. Gravica can design all aspects of structural masonry.

Design and Build Estimation

Design and Build is an old term now but still clients and contractors fall foul if it. At Gravica we know what is required to complete a project – this enables us to provide material quantities and quick sketch designs to fabricators and contractors to help provide an accurate and competitive price for design and build projects.

User Spreadsheet Creation

Spreadsheets can offer simple user friendly design calculations to many people. Gravica can create spreadsheets that your staff can use to ascertain simple results for small structural problems. Ideal uses are lifting beams, steel deflection checks and lintel designs.


Drainage is fast becoming a large sector in the current ecological climate. With SUDs and attenuation systems being brought into nearly all new and refurbishment projects you need accurate advice and designs to ensure you comply with the flows deemed acceptable by the EA, IDB or Local Authority. Gravica offer full drainage designs for storm water and foul water based on experience.


Highway design seems simple but can be very difficult. Ensuring that you comply with all the relevant highway standards and providing enough room for your vehicles to turn can be hazardous. Gravica can use the latest software to track the vehicles around your site or roads to enable the confident design of the highway system.

Loading Bay and Hardstanding

Loading bays can be difficult to get right. Ensuring the vehicle has both enough space to get into the loading area and not too much space so that the vehicle misses the target area and damages the dock can be problematic. Hardstandings for vehicles parking and turning need to be designed to be both the correct size but also the correct material. Skewing heavy vehicles can damage some common surfacing materials. Let Gravica design this area for you and ensure you get a fully functioning loading area.

CAD Draughting

All our produced documents are prepared and issued to the highest standard possible. We have an unsurpassed skill in CAD draughting in both 2D and 3D and we can apply them to virtually any graphical visualisation. We can offer a drawing service for any construction discipline and can often offer services on a next day or same day basis depending on project size.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls need careful detailed design to ensure their stability and the stability of the ground above and below them. Gravica can design virtually any size or shape wall out of any material to meet whatever site or ground conditions are present.

Building Design

We offer a full building design for any building constructed out of any material at any location. We treat every project to the same meticulous overview regardless of its size or cost and can work with other service providers to give a complete integrated building design.

Process and Access Steelwork

We have a great deal of experience in the design of process support and access steelwork – we understand the often complex nature of the process and the three dimensional problem of following the process and its inherent access requirements around a factory.

Computer Analysis

We offer a computer driven analysis service for virtually any frame size and arrangement.


Building Information Modelling is the latest design tool for construction professionals. We work with the latest software to provide a BIM service for large or complicated projects.

Schedule of Works

A detailed and, most importantly, accurate schedule of works is one of the most important contract documents you will need for any project. Countless contractual problems are caused by an inaccurate schedule of works. At Gravica we look at the schedule of works from both the design point of view and the site aspects to give a fair and accurate schedule – which will hopefully quench any financial arguments between you and your contractor and let you both concentrate on the completion of the project – on time and on budget.


Specifications are often long winded complicated documents with a vast amount of information. At Gravica we try to make the specification as short and simple as possible.