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Building Design

We have the experience to design and build any building on any site and using any materials. Whether your brief is cheap and quick or a unique head office we can offer a service to suit your commercial needs.

Drainage and Highway Design

Highway and Drainage design can often be overlooked as a simple part of a project. As a society we hardly ever notice most of our infrastructure until it goes wrong. The first impression of your new project is often the road into it – at Gravica we can make sure that this part of your project designed properly and in line with your overall project strategy.

Business Park Design

Business parks are the backbone of many major commercial developments. We can offer engineering and construction services on all aspects of the projects from simple foundation designs to SUDs and eco-friendly services..

Structural Engineering Design

Gravica offer an unmatched structural engineering design service. We base all our designs on our vast site and office experience and we can offer this service for a fixed cost or a very small percentage of the overall project. We have experience in every major building material and almost all ground conditions.

Building Conversions

Building conversions are the main item in a lot of commercial projects. Gravica specialises in this area of work where an expert knowledge of the existing structure is required before you can attempt to alter and add to it for commercial purposes. We have experience in listed properties and with agencies such as English Heritage in listed building consent.

Basement Creation

Often the way to create more space in an already created building footprint is to add a basement. Obviously this can be a huge undertaking but we can help with the design and building of these types of projects, taking into consideration - ground water, party wall issues, additional loading and new foundations.

Vertical Extensions

Often the best way to ensure a project becomes commercially viable. With floor space at a premium additional floors in and on top of your existing building is a fantastic way to increase potential investment return. Gravica can assist with every aspect of this type of project using the latest techniques without causing damage or being unsympathetic to the existing building.

Geothermal Systems

Lowering the CO2 output of a building is becoming more and more popular yet still architects, engineers and contactors know very little about the details of some of these type of systems. Gravica can give real, practical advice concerning geothermal heating systems and rainwater harvesting – the different types available and their installation so you can make an informed decision on whether they are right for you.

Carbon Neutral Buildings

More and more companies are offering advice on this area of construction and for the most part the systems on offer can significantly lower CO2 output. Careful consideration is required from concept stage of any project to truly achieve a carbon natural rating. Whether your measure is BREEAM or CODE for sustainable homes Gravica can offer design and building advise and services to help you achieve this target.

Schedule of Works

A detailed and, most importantly, accurate schedule of works is one of the most important contract documents you will need for any project. Countless contractual problems are caused by an inaccurate schedule of works. At Gravica we look at the schedule of works from both the design point of view and the site aspects to give a fair and accurate schedule – which will hopefully quench any financial arguments between you and your contractor and let you both concentrate on the completion of the project – on time and on budget.


Specifications are often long winded complicated documents with a vast amount of information. At Gravica we try to make the specification as short and simple as possible.

Tender Documentation - Design and Build Estimation

Design and Build is an old term now but still clients and contractors fall foul if it. At Gravica we know what is required to complete a project – this enables us to provide material quantities and quick sketch designs to fabricators and contractors to help provide an accurate and competitive price for design and build projects.