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Building Design

Gravica has a wealth of design experience. We offer design and build services for all building formats.
We can design a totally new structure or alter an existing one to suit your new needs. We don't supply 'off the shelf' which allows us tailor every projects specifically to its location - rather than you having compromise on your requirements due to space and/or location.


Concrete hardstanding offer the quick access ground storage solution without contanimating your stored stock.
We can design a hardstanding to almost any specification using our extensive knowledge of concrete and the latest technologies and advancements in concrete placing.
Gravica can also supply concrete in various colours, surface variations and hardness to suit any conditions.

Planning Applications

Planning can be a confusing consideration. Luckily there many permitted development opportunities available for farmers.
We can help advise you of these and if neccessary apply for any planning permissions required for your new project.

Grain Storage Buildings

Gravica can offer a design and build service for grain silos and grain storage buildings.
We will also manage and oversee the installation of the mechanical air plant and electrical services to offer you a full 'turnkey' storage solution.

Livestock Sheds

Gravica can provide a design and build service for all and any livestock shed or milking parlour. Whilst we do not offer 'off the shelf' sheds we can provide buildings to fit any location.
This gives you flexibility to run your farm as you want and not compromise due to standard sheds 'not fitting' where you would like them.

Alterations to Farm Buildings

As your business demands increase the capacity in your existing buildings can often be exceeded.
Gravica are experts at alterations to existing buildings to increase available space, improve the layout or extend.

Building Conversions

Increase the financial yield of your property by renovating or converting existing buildings and either renting out or selling.
Gravica can survey existing buildings on your property, discuss possible development options, apply for any necessary planning permissions and then project manage the building works. Leaving you to concentrate on running your farm and then receiving the additional income once the project is completed.


Gravica can provide a variety of surveys to suit your needs.
from topographic to building to traffic - we will a find a way to measure and present any physical information onto paper.

Area and Volume Calculations

Gravica can calculate the area and volume of fields or stock piles around your land.
We use both traditional methods and the latest technology depending on what the task is and how accurate the result needs to be.